Dispatches from the Diaspora: Curaçao

Dear Presidential Candidates of the United States of America,

Last Friday a loud clarion call sounded through the voting polls by a rising critical electorate that the parliamentary democracy under a constitutional Dutch monarch should go under scrutinized review en route to greater autonomy and final independence.  The pauper merits of Dutch helter-skelter decolonization reform on their Caribbean grounds for the last 5 decades fertilized a new 21st century kind of leadership introduced by Helmin Wiels on the predominantly Afro-Curaçaoan soil.

The popular electoral decree strives to consolidating a Curaçao creole socialism inspired by a Venezuelan kinship the leading country led by Hugo Chavez the guardian advocate for a Latin America and Caribbean without the United States’ rulership. Primordial is constant human capital wealth redistribution by connecting with neighboring countries and to seek strategic regional alliances like ALBA, CELAC, UNASUR freeing ourselves from the Dutch socioeconomic captivity.

The social agency program is a contagious thing and if it had shaped form in the 1980s it would have been a  governmental barricade against the US adapting their tax regime to restrict capital flight imperiling our golden era offshore finance industry which revenues dropped by 50% followed by budget cuts wrecking many working and middle class families. While still recovering from this financial blow, the US, Netherlands and Curaçao should renegotiate a tax treaty to compensate for the socioeconomic carnage of the late 1980s early 1990s

Here the US-Dutch geopolitical camaraderie comes into the mix and prefers to maintain the status quo and nurtures a navel staring Curaçao in their hopes a fraternal sphere transforming relationship with Venezuela will be far from fruitful.

The only visible US presence on the island is the Forward Operation Location (FOL) an Air Force base, a façade for the “War on
Drugs”. In reality a military intelligence stratagem used against the oil politicking Chavez.  The unmistakably election results for greater autonomy and new independence developments will demonstrate if the US sees the urge to use faux small state narco risk arguments to force the Dutch government in The Hague to obstruct Curaçao’s undeniable right of self-determination.

Now more than ever would be the appropriate time for some socially emboldened US Foreign Policy flanked by an engaging US consul who understands the sociocultural struggles of slavery and colonialism which has been absent for many decades. Partnership with universities, scholarships, exchange programs with cultural anthropologists, urban renewal scholars, ethnomusicologists, sociologists, political scientists, education art, music and sport scholars that prevent brain
drain and help boost the Afro-Curaçaoan state of mind. Any US initiative to promote a holistic metamorphosis of the collective
cultural mosaic of society is appreciated deconstructing Dutch colonialism a substantial disservice to us on our voyage to a self
empowering nation in an age of resistance.


Jermain Ostiana
Working Class Survivalist

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3 thoughts on “Dispatches from the Diaspora: Curaçao

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